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On a recent trip to Kenya, we met Juli Boit and her Living Room Ministry for the first time. As promised by friends who recommend Juli, her ministry is absolutely spectacular. They focus on both the hospice and hospital ministry and are absolutely beautiful. Daily, patients are wheeled outside and are able to enjoy hours of outdoor time in a beautiful garden setting.

Micah’s house provides living quarters for a parent whose child is going through cancer treatment. A most difficult time of life that we personally know all too well. It was such a beautiful and uplifting area caring for families at such a challenging time. We will definitely be partnering with Juli and the Living room for years to come.

Guided by the belief that every person is created in the image of God, Living Room’s work is much more than simply treating a disease. They are caring for a person holistically. Race, tribe, religion, educational level, and the ability to pay do not determine a person’s value and thus, do not interfere with the care provided by the Living Room team. Their goal is to achieve the best quality of life for individuals and families facing advanced disease.

In 2009, Living Room International was created to meet the needs of the seriously ill in Western Kenya. Through the small but essential act of listening and loving, Living Room saw a tremendous need to work with the community to bring hospice and palliative care services to the small Kenyan village of Chebaiywa. Over the past 10 years, Living Room has been a life-giving and transformative refuge for thousands of people all throughout Kenya. They have developed community partnerships to work side-by-side with other Kenyans to build two hospices/hospitals in Western Kenya, a home-based care program, and a funeral home. They are challenged daily to learn more, listen better, and love deeper.

Living Room is a global community working together to provide dignity and quality of life to people in Kenya affected by life-threatening illnesses through holistic care and education. They offer holistic care which includes pain and symptom management, nutrition, physical therapy, and psychological and spiritual support.

VISION To create a community of compassion that honors life and offers hope.

MINISTRY To extend quality physical, psychological, and spiritual care to patients and their families.

BELIEF Every person is created in the image of God. More than treating a disease, we care for a person holistically.

MISSION To provide dignity and quality of life to people in Kenya affected by life-threatening illnesses through holistic care and education.

LIVING ROOM HOSPITAL in 2019, Living Room opened a 49-bed hospital in Eldoret town and offers inpatient and outpatient services. Living Room Hospital’s goal is to provide the best patient care experience with every patient, every time.

What they do

At the Living Room, they deliver quality hospice and palliative care. More than treating a disease, they care for the whole person. In addition, they provide clinical education to a multi-disciplinary team and other stakeholders to improve patient care and strengthen health systems.

Living Room’s approach is one of partnership. They work alongside their colleagues in the community, Kenyan health authority, and global advocacy levels to show what is possible in health care. In addition, they conduct research to demonstrate their impact and to educate healthcare providers at the local, national, and global levels. They are an organization committed to providing compassionate care to patients and families.

Micah’s Guesthouse is a 64-bed family-care center for children and families who have traveled far distances to undergo cancer treatment at a nearby government hospital. Living Room provides free food, accommodation, and transportation to these families. Living Room’s prayer is that its hospitality and love makes room for healing to be possible for many of these children. For all the families who come into their care, they want them to know they aren’t alone as they walk this hard journey.

If you'd like to view a video about Micah’s Guest house, please click the link

To learn more or to donate, please visit their website


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