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ROSE Women's Foundation

Restoration of Sisters in the Extreme (ROSE)


We have been working with Rose Women’s Foundation and we are very excited about the work they are doing helping to lift women and their families out of poverty and ultimately out of the slums. We have partnered with them in the Mathare slums in Nairobi. They work with the local church and provide education to women, helping them with all aspects of live and business.

Allie, the founder of the organization moved to Nairobi from the States and is overseeing the ministry full time. She has such an incredible heart to serve others and the ministry is benefitting significantly as a result. They are excellent stewards and stretch each dollar, so it has an amazing Kingdom impact.


Located in Kenya, ROSE Women’s Foundation was founded in 2018 by 21-year-old Allie Amoroso. While on a study-abroad program to Kenya, Allie witnessed the difficulties of poverty for women living in the slums. She observed the adversity women face to provide for their families and escape economic hardship. Allie felt called upon by the Lord to serve these communities and focused her mission on empowering women to find financial security through the Love of God.

The Problem

Globally, 685 million people live below the extreme poverty line, a $1.90 per day. Of those, around 460 million live in Africa, and Nairobi—the capital of Kenya and birthplace of ROSE Foundation—is home to the largest slum with a population of over 2.5 million people. As a result of financial insecurity, millions of women and their children have no protection from physical violence, fatal diseases and verbal abuse that are common in the slums. Without sustainable income, women are unable to secure education, employment, and healthcare for their family as well.

The Solution

In order to empower the Nairobi women trapped in poverty, this mission works to educate and coach them through the process of entrepreneurship, grounded in the principles taught by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Since the start of ROSE Foundation 5 years ago, they have helped hundreds of women start their own small businesses. ROSE students are enrolled in a one-year Micro-Enterprising Business course that teaches concepts such as marketing, savings, sales strategies, finance, consumer-centrism, value proposition, and financial sustainability. Most importantly, women of the ROSE program are taught to do business both to escape poverty and celebrate the glory of God. Micro-loans and start-up grants are available to the graduates, and coaching is provided along the start-up journey to ensure sustainable growth and living improvement.

In 2022 alone, the mission grew to 427 businesses and celebrated their largest ever graduating class of 217 business-ready, devoted women. The money generated from the small business caused an average of 434% increase in income for the women entrepreneurs. In His Kingdom, these inspiring women are helping themselves, their business and their communities follow the Word of God, demonstrating the lessons of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and spreading His love to all people.

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